Scales_of_justiceThank you for visiting this site.   If you are considering representing yourself in the Family courts, then we are here to help you through the legal maze in a variety of areas of Family law, both in and out of court.

You can use our services if you:

  • Don’t qualify for legal aid
  • Can’t afford a solicitor
  • Want low cost, practical and effective legal assistance

 We can help you in many different ways:

  • Initial advice through a free  15 minute telephone/email consultation
  • Demystify the legal process to you
  • offering advice in and out of court
  • Considering your case and where possible advising on the most effective way to obtain the result you are seeking
  • Drafting correspondence and legal documents and/or checking through those you have already prepared
  • Negotiating a settlement
  • Preparation of your case for court, statements, skeleton arguments, court bundles
  • Sitting with you in court offering moral support and quiet guidance
  • Doing most of the things that a lawyer will do

A McKenzie Friend can assist and accompany a litigant in person.  What we cannot do is speak for you at court, sign court applications, letters, documents or start legal proceedings on your behalf.